I've always found that the process of painting, making objects, or creating imaginary characters was a way to be lost in something other than just my own state of mind. 

My early work was more representational with imagery related to the natural world: animal, vegetable, mineral. Over time, it has become less specific and more abstract through mark making and layering of information that continue to derive from those initial ideas. The overall form began to take more precedence over individual parts or sections. For instance, if I think of a tree branch, I will draw or paint a mark that will eventually become the impetus towards a more complex structure. Making a mark requires a response to that mark and through repetitive mark making, a pattern develops and the elements become merged and connected.

In terms of recent sculpture, I continue to collect and use disparate objects and parts of things in order to create a series of assemblages (Noli Timere) that overlay literary, historical, and elegiac themes. These more recent pieces have also undergone a shift in that the individual parts and sections become more unified through a single color of black paint. 

Edwina Time Traveler is a collaborative photography and video project. Edwina is the protagonist who appears in found settings and tableaus along with other eccentric characters.